• Governor Tom Wolf: Let's talk about the budget
    When I crafted this proposal, I knew we wouldn't be able to solve the challenges facing Pennsylvania by doing the same thing Harrisburg has been doing for years -- the time has come for bold reform.

    Pennsylvanians want high-quality public schools; they want the oil and gas companies to pay their fair share; and they want an end to continual hikes in property taxes many homeowners simply can't afford.

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  • Tom Wolf: Make a stand for fairness and equality here in Pennsylvania
    Without a non-discrimination law, LGBT Pennsylvanians and their families can be fired, denied a mortgage, or refused service at a hotel, library, or even a hospital.

    That's not welcoming, and that's not right.

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  • Frances Wolf: Watch this video from my husband on the budget
    Since my husband announced his budget proposal, I've been holding roundtable discussions about what's at stake if we don't move our state forward in bold new direction.

    I'm not doing this just because he's my husband -- I support the budget because it finally makes the investment in education all Pennsylvania schoolchildren deserve.

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