Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Dwight Evans, and Steve Santarsiero

I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Dwight Evans, Steve Santarsiero, and state house and senate candidates on their victories today. Today’s election proved that Pennsylvania Democrats want to be represented by elected officials with integrity and decency. The only way we can have a government that works is if we elect people who want government to work. The Democratic candidates elected tonight are people who want to see government work for all Pennsylvanians.

President Obama has put our country back on the right track, but we still have some work to be done. Secretary Clinton is the person we can count on to build on the president’s progress and tackle the hard issues. Hillary has dedicated her life to public service and has fought for progressive values and policies at home and abroad for more than twenty years. She will help American workers by tackling income inequality and creating incentives for businesses to share profits with their employees so every American can share in the results of economic prosperity — a practice I employed at my family business. Her lifetime of experience and passion undoubtedly prove her to be the most qualified candidate in recent history to be the President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton will have an excellent ally in the U.S. Senate with Katie McGinty. Katie has fought tirelessly for the environment and for middle class families in both her her capacity as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection and as my chief of staff. As a senator, she will work with Hillary and other Senate Democrats to close the wage gap between men and women and to give all Americans a raise that is long overdue.

Dwight Evans and Steve Santarsiero have been excellent representatives in Harrisburg, and I know they will continue to fight for the people of Pennsylvania in Washington. Their commitment to the people – not special interests- prove that they are the leaders we need in Congress. Pennsylvania will be well-served with Katie McGinty, Dwight Evans, and Steve Santarsiero representing us in Washington.

Closer to home, all Pennsylvanians will be protected and defended by an Attorney General with integrity like Josh Shapiro. As a Montgomery County Commissioner, he has protected his constituents from fraud and abuse. As Attorney General, I know he will fight for fairness and justice for every one of our citizens.

When the Democrats come together in Philadelphia this July, we will be a party united in our goal of making the United States of America a better place. Pennsylvanians deserves people who stand for fairness and integrity — people who will fight for equality, economic opportunity, and the protection of the environment. Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Dwight Evans, Steve Santarsiero, and the Democratic candidates the people of Pennsylvania chose on Tuesday night are exactly those people. I hope all of you join me in voting for them in November.