Tom Wolf: The cost of Trumpcare

Last week, after I sent letters to five Pennsylvania Congressmen, I urged you to join me in formally requesting them to reject President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan.

More than 26,000 of you have joined me to voice opposition to the Republican plan and to protect the progress we’ve made under the Affordable Care Act to reduce Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate, and expand coverage options for seniors, working families, the disabled and those seeking treatment for a substance use disorder.

Activism from folks like you is making a difference.

Just the other day, Speaker Ryan said he would incorporate feedback and make improvements — but we have to keep the pressure on Congress. Add your name to the petition.

Here’s what’s at stake in Pennsylvania and across the country:

  • The Congressional Budget Office estimates 24 million Americans will lose their coverage by 2026 under Trumpcare
  • The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center estimates 1.1 million will lose their care in Pennsylvania alone if the Affordable Care Act is repealed
  • The RAND Corporation estimates premiums for a 64-year-old will go up by more than $2,000 a year under Trumpcare — and the CBO estimates premiums for some seniors could skyrocket by more than $10,000
  • The elimination of Medicaid expansion would put access to substance abuse treatment at risk for more than 125,000 Pennsylvanians in the middle of the opioid and heroin crisis that has taken 3,500 lives

These are just a few of the ways President Trump and Speaker Ryan’s plan would be devastating to too many families.

I’ll fight any proposal that forces seniors, working families, and our most vulnerable citizens to lose their coverage or pay more while giving tax cuts to the wealthy and huge insurance companies.

I’m working to ensure that Pennsylvanians will continue to have access to affordable healthcare — stand with me and join the more than 26,000 who have signed the petition.

Thank you.