Rachele Fortier: Equal Pay for Equal Work

Just 79 cents — that’s how much Pennsylvania women make for every dollar made by a man doing the same work.

Pennsylvania has already fallen behind 26 other states — and the national average — in pay equity.

Yet Republicans in the general assembly recently introduced legislation this year that would actually roll back local protections against discrimination.

It’s time to take action. This Equal Pay Day, stand with Governor Wolf and demand the Pennsylvania General Assembly pass real solutions to close the pay gap.

Governor Wolf has been clear about where he stands on wage discrimination. He made equal pay a campaign issue even before he took office.

But for his entire term, Republicans have stood in the way of legislation proposed by Democrats in the general assembly to promote equal pay for equal work. This year, they decided to change tactics by promoting an “equal pay” bill that would actually make the problem worse.

That’s not just a problem for Pennsylvania women — it’s a problem for all of us. Because when women are deprived of a fair wage, they have less money to feed their families, start small businesses, invest in their communities, and make Pennsylvania’s economy strong.

If Republicans think they can pull the wool over our eyes on this important issue, they’re wrong. But we need to prove that we’re not fooled, and we won’t be satisfied until they stand with Governor Wolf in supporting real solutions to end wage discrimination.

Add your name and stand with Governor Wolf this Equal Pay Day. Tell the Pennsylvania General Assembly it’s time for equal work for equal pay.

Thanks for taking action