Governor Wolf Invests in a 21st Century Workforce

Governor Wolf’s 2018-19 budget proposal invests in workforce development and ensuring that students are able to compete in the 21st century job market. As the Tribune-Review reports:

“Job training and college readiness were highlights of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address Tuesday as he proposed a $40 million investment in a new program intended to bolster career and technical education programs across the state.”

The governor announced the launch of PAsmart– a program dedicated to realigning workforce development from K-12 education through career programs so that students and workers can gain the 21st Century skills necessary to get good jobs that employers demand.

This includes investing in STEM and computer science education at all levels, increasing the number of apprenticeships available, and developing public-private Industry Partnerships to provide job training.

The initiative also includes the launch of a new website to help people access information about pursuing an education and career in Pennsylvania. Check it out here!

Governor Wolf knows that investing in workforce development has wide sweeping positive effects for Pennsylvania’s economy and families. “Developing a workforce that can compete and win in the 21st-century economy is the single best way to help Pennsylvania businesses grow – and attract new businesses to our commonwealth,” Governor Wolf said. “It’s also the single best thing we can do to help more of our people find better jobs – not just tomorrow, but today.”

Governor Wolf believes that all Pennsylvanians who put in an honest day’s work deserve a shot to make a good living. This most recent investment in workforce development gives workers the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to make that a reality.