Governor Wolf Remains Committed to Investing in Our Kids’ Future

One of the hallmark commitments from Governor Wolf’s 2018-19 proposal was his call for increased funding for public education at all levels. Since Governor Wolf took office, he has fully restored the $1 billion cuts to public education made in the previous administration that led to larger class sizes, teacher layoffs, and cuts to important programs like pre-k.

The Times Leader outlines the Governor’s record of investing in education:

“Wolf, a Democrat, campaigned in 2014 with promises to not only restore education cuts made under Gov. Tom Corbett, but to increase state money for public schools. Through it all, Wolf has managed to increase education spending, from about $12.8 billion in 2016-17 to $13.24 billion this fiscal year…”

The governor has also increased the number of children enrolled in pre-kindergarten by nearly 50 percent and enacted a fair funding formula to take the politics out of education funding.

Now Governor Wolf is ready to continue building on the progress from the past few years. He’s calling for an additional increase in education funding for basic education, early childhood development programs like Pre-K Counts and Head Start, Special Education, the State System of Higher Education, and Career and Technical Education.

For years Harrisburg politicians made education the first casualty of the budget. Governor Wolf has made it our first priority. “I have made it my mission to restore the cuts made to public education before I became governor and now we can further support our kids and our economy by making continued progress,” he said. “By driving more funding through our fair funding formula, we also further address the inequities in our local school funding system.”