Governor Wolf Works to Strengthen Public Trust in Government

Yesterday Governor Wolf continued his fight to change Harrisburg by proposing his “Citizens First” ethics reform package. As the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader described:

“Following his own lead, Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday introduced his ‘Citizens First’ ethics reform plan that includes a gift ban for public officials, ‘no budget, no pay’ legislation, public official expense reform and steps to curb the influence of special interests in Harrisburg.”

From his first day in office, Governor Wolf has led by example with his dedication to creating a government that is transparent, honest, and works for all Pennsylvanians. His ethics reform plan is his latest step in this mission.

Governor Wolf also donates his salary to charity and doesn’t take a pension. He instituted a gift ban for members of the executive branch, ended pay-to-play contracting, publishes his schedule for the public each day, and requires his cabinet secretaries to post their expenses online each week.

“Since day one of my administration, I have done things differently and worked to rebuild public trust in the executive branch,” the governor said when announcing his new plan. “This proposal enforces strict standards for how Harrisburg operates and it will rebuild trust in government. My plan will make sure that our citizens are the ones calling the shots – not entrenched special interests.”

Governor Wolf is committed to restoring people’s faith in government and creating a government that works for all Pennsylvanians. He will continue challenging the Harrisburg status quo and making strides towards ensuring that government is open, transparent, and honest.