Governor Wolf and Libre Celebrate One Year of Animal Protection

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day Governor Wolf signed landmark animal protection legislation into law. Also known as Libre’s Law, this legislation contains key components that aim to protect our furry friends from abuse:

  1. Improves tethering conditions for outside dogs
  2. Adds protection for horses
  3. Increases penalties for animal abuse
  4. Ensures convicted animal abusers forfeit the abused animals to a shelter
  5. Grants civil immunity for verteribalirts and verternaily technicians

Today, Governor Wolf and Libre celebrated the anniversary with a special doggy cake for Libre.

Since the signing of Libre’s Law, shelters have seen a significant increase in calls reporting abuse. Owners are being more responsible and have brought animals back if they know they are unable to take care of them. Shelters have reported that they have never been busier. Pennsylvania was also recently ranked “most improved” for Animal Protection Laws by two national organizations– the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Humane Society– in large part thanks to Libre’s Law.