BREAKING VIDEO: Scott Wagner Says He Would Consider Signing A Bill to Make Same Sex Marriage Illegal

Pennsylvania – Today during a town hall in Erie, Scott Wagner said he would consider signing a bill to make same sex marriage in Pennsylvania illegal.

“Scott Wagner saying he would consider signing a bill that would make same sex marriage illegal in Pennsylvania is an absolute disgrace,” said Wolf for Pennsylvania communications director Beth Melena. “Pennsylvanians need a governor who will stand up for everyone in the commonwealth, including those in our LGBTQ community, and Scott Wagner is clearly not up for the job. Scott Wagner is a dangerous candidate who would take Pennsylvania backwards.”



Audience Member: I am Catholic and so I have a really important question. That would be that after you are elected, will you consider putting pressure and using your influence on the house to craft a bill that would eliminate the recognition and benefits of same sex marriage?

Wagner: As governor, I won’t be driving that agenda. That’ll be a House or Senate bill that will drive that agenda. And I’ll have to see when it gets to my desk for that answer. I have policy people in place and you’re asking a question– I’m going to be honest with you tonight. The process is a bill would come to the House or Senate to my desk and I would have to give that consideration. I don’t have the answer tonight. But I can follow up with you.

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