Governor Wolf Announces Plans to Strengthen Pennsylvania Agriculture

Earlier this week, at the annual Ag Progress Days event held by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, Governor Tom Wolf made a major announcement regarding the future of agriculture in Pennsylvania.

As WJAC reports:

“Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled a six-point plan at AG Progress Days in Centre County County Wednesday to tackle issues facing the state’s agricultural challenges.”

His plan calls for an increased focus on:

  • Rebuilding and expanding the state’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, ports and broadband;
  • Strengthening Pennsylvania’s workforce to ensure the next generation is prepared to lead;
  • Removing unnecessary regulatory burdens and strengthening the state’s business climate;
  • Establishing business ownership succession plans on the farm and throughout the food system
  • Creating more processing capabilities to accommodate a growing animal agriculture and protein sector

Building on these five points, Governor Wolf also added a sixth point– his plan to make Pennsylvania the nation’s leading organic state. U.S. organic food sales increased by $47 billion in 2017, and Governor Wolf believes that the commonwealth must take advantage of this burgeoning market. To achieve this, he will focus on raising awareness amongst producers, improving infrastructure and training, and facilitating the marketing aspects of organic produce.

These steps are all part of Governor Wolf’s commitment to strengthening Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry and cultivating the next generation of Pennsylvania farming. “My vision for the future of agriculture takes advantage of what’s special about Pennsylvania’s farms and food processors to set us apart on a global stage,” he said. “We see tremendous opportunities for Pennsylvania, including the opportunity to diversify our business and capitalize on marketing opportunities. And even though there is no shortage of challenges, I believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on our many existing strengths and chart a path toward a dynamic and prosperous farming economy in Pennsylvania.”