Fighting back against cuts from the Trump Administration

Governor Wolf stood up to Trump’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. These cuts if enacted would harm businesses seeking permits, and harm residents’ clean water, air, and land. The reductions would also impact safe drinking water inspections, sewage and industrial wastewater inspections, brownfield redevelopment, and eliminate funding for radon protection, a problem that plagues Pennsylvania homes.
Governor Wolf fought the Trump Administration’s efforts to delay new ozone pollution regulations. Governor Wolf fought this to protect children who suffer from asthma and respiratory illnesses.

Enacting the Gas Drilling Moratorium

With one of his first actions in office, Governor Wolf enacted a gas drilling moratorium on Pennsylvania’s state parks. Governor Wolf knows we must strike the right balance with Pennsylvania’s growing energy economy, and he knows our state parks and forests are unique assets that should be preserved, protected, and utilized by our residents for recreational purposes.

Supporting Solar Energy

Governor Wolf reopened a $30 million loan program to encourage the use of solar energy in Pennsylvania. The governor is working to make sure that the benefits of increased renewable jobs, a cleaner environment, and a growing renewable economy will be felt throughout the commonwealth.

Banning Drilling in the Delaware River Basin

In September, Governor Wolf and the governors of Delaware and New York, comprising a majority of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), announced that they voted in favor of a resolution put forward by the commission to issue draft regulations to permanently ban hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas in the Delaware River Basin.

Restored the $1 Billion Cut to Education Made Under Corbett

Governor Wolf has fully restored the $1 billion cut to education made under the Corbett administration that led to teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and cuts to important programs.

Expanding Workforce Development Opportunities

Governor Wolf has forged 28 new partnerships that will train 5,000 workers and added 1,714 new apprentices and 66 new registered apprenticeship occupations statewide.

Banning Gifts

Governor Wolf’s first actions as governor were to sign an executive order banning members of his administration from accepting gifts and reforming legal contracting to end the pay-to-play culture in Harrisburg.

Reducing the Uninsured Rate

Governor Wolf has reduced Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate to its lowest point in history at 5.6%, well below the national average of 8.8%.

Enacting a Fair Funding Formula

Governor Wolf believes that all children, no matter their zip code, deserve a high quality education. That’s why he enacted a fair funding formula that removes politics from school funding.

Investing in Pre-K and Kindergarten

Governor Wolf knows that we need our students to start early in order to get a head start in life. Since he’s taken office, Governor Wolf has increased the number of children able to attend pre-kindergarten by 48% and increased the number of students enrolled in full-day kindergarten to 93,800.

Standing up to Donald Trump’s Extreme Agenda

Governor Wolf is standing up to Donald Trump’s attempts to gut Medicaid, increase premiums, charge seniors an age tax, and strip coverage from people with pre-existing conditions, women, and seniors.

Expanding Medicaid

One of Governor Wolf’s first actions as Governor was to expand Medicaid giving an additional 720,000 Pennsylvanians the health care they need, including over 125,000 Pennsylvanians with substance abuse disorder.

Strengthening Animal Cruelty Laws

Governor Wolf signed Libre’s Law which improves Pennsylvania’s protection for animals. This bill increases penalties for animal cruelty and neglect and raises standards to ensure our pets and other animals are properly cared for.

Expanding Rights for our LGBTQ Community

Governor Wolf has expanded protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression or identity for state employees and is fighting for similar protections at the statewide level.

Preparing Students for 21st Century Jobs

Governor Wolf wants to make sure Pennsylvanians are prepared for jobs of the future. He’s launched Pennsylvania to second in the nation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and increased the number of students enrolled in career and technical education programs of study by 42%.

Improving Graduation Rates

Under Governor Wolf, high school graduation rates have increased to 86.1%, making Pennsylvania a national leader.

Standing Up to Donald Trump’s Age Tax

Governor Wolf fought Donald Trump and the Republican efforts to institute an age tax and roll back prescription drug and health care coverage for our seniors.

Fighting for A Minimum Wage Increase

Governor Wolf has fought for and continues to fight for a statewide minimum wage increase to $12 an hour, tied to inflation.

Bringing the Liquor System into the 21st Century

Governor Wolf modernized Pennsylvania’s archaic liquor system by instituting the most significant reforms since Prohibition that improve customer convenience and for the first time allow beer to be sold at gas stations and c-stores and allow grocery stores to sell wine.

Increasing Access to Overdose Antidote

Governor Wolf directed his physician general to sign a standing order for Naloxone, the overdose reversing antidote, so that any Pennsylvanians can get the life saving drug without a prescription. He also equipped law enforcement, first responders, and schools with the overdose-reversing antidote naloxone, leading to over 4,000 reversals since 2014.

Upgrading Senior Community Centers

Governor Wolf invested millions in senior community centers in order to upgrade technology and facilities to give the centers the resources needed to revitalize and expand the services that enrich the lives or our senior population.

Creating 21st Century Jobs

Governor Wolf has worked to expand companies like Amazon to make Pennsylvania a technology hub and passed a manufacturing tax credit.

Standing up to Big Oil and Gas

Governor Wolf stopped the Republican plan to gut environmental regulations in favor of big oil and gas.  Governor Wolf passed new safeguards that improved the protection of water and public resources, as well as public health and safety, and also addressed landowner concerns, enhanced transparency, and improved data management.

Eliminated Burdensome Business Taxes

Governor Wolf has eliminated burdensome taxes on businesses like the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax.

Improving Government Contracting

Governor Wolf signed an executive order to increase diverse and small business participation in state government contracting.

Keeping Drugs off the Street

Governor Wolf strengthened the use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program so that doctors can identify if patients are “doctor shopping” and have been prescribed opioids by other physicians. The system now has 90,000 users who have conducted over one million searches. Governor Wolf also increased the number of drug-take back boxes to 700 for unwanted, expired, or unused prescriptions leading to the destruction of over 150 tons of drugs.

Increased Access to Health Insurance for our Kids

Governor Wolf has increased enrollment in the Children’s Health Insurance Program by 20%. The program now serves more than 176,000 Pennsylvania children.

Protecting the Lottery Fund for Senior Programs

Governor Wolf stabilized the Lottery Fund, which supports important senior programs, by authorizing the Pennsylvania Lottery to offer virtual sports games at Lottery retailers, including bars and taverns.

Increasing Opportunities to Age in Place

Governor Wolf has increased opportunities for older Pennsylvanians to remain in their homes. Under Governor Wolf, more than 50,000 additional seniors, a 41% increase, are able to age in their homes.

Leading on Criminal Justice Reform

Governor Wolf has worked to reform our criminal justice system from top to bottom, and under his leadership Pennsylvania has reduced recidivism. The governor also banned the box on non-civil service applications for jobs under his jurisdiction and he signed into law a bill allowing non-violent ex-offenders to ask the court to seal their criminal records, which will help them to get jobs and not return to prison. The governor is also leading an initiative to further improve our criminal justice system from sentencing guidelines to our bail system.

Increasing Transparency

Governor Wolf publishes his schedule for the public each day and requires cabinet secretaries to post their expenses online each month.

Saved 180,000 Seniors from Losing Health Care

Governor Wolf saved more than 180,000 seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage health plans.

Investing in Infrastructure

Under Governor Wolf, 1,300 roads, 600 bridges, and more than 6,000 miles of roadway have been repaired or rebuilt, with $6 billion in infrastructure improvements funding jobs across Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf announced plans for an additional investment of more than $2 billion in road, highway and bridge projects over the next 10 years.

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Governor Wolf signed a bill that legalized medical marijuana, providing long overdue medical relief to patients with serious medical conditions such as cancer & multiple sclerosis.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Governor Wolf secured funding and worked with medical professionals to create 45 treatment centers that will treat more than 11,000 individuals for substance use disorder. He also secured a federal funding to support prevention, treatment, and recovery services to battle the opioid epidemic. Governor Wolf provided health care to over 125,000 individuals suffering from addiction, by expanding Medicaid.

Protecting Women’s Right to Choose

Governor Wolf has vetoed the most extreme anti-choice bill in the country, which would criminalize abortions and leave no exceptions for rape, incest, health or tragic fetal anomalies. As a former Planned Parenthood patient escort, Governor Wolf has also opposed Republican efforts to defund the organization.

Reforming our Pension System

Governor Wolf signed comprehensive pension reform which reduced risk to taxpayers, continues to pay down our debt, and slashes Wall Street fees while still offering state employees fair benefits.

Unrigging the Political System

Governor Wolf is committed to ensuring Pennsylvania is fairly redistricted in 2020 and instituted online voter registration in 2015, resulting in over 1 million new or updated Pennsylvanian voter registrations. He also refused Donald Trump’s request for Pennsylvania voters’ personal information.

Streamlining Services for Small Business

Governor Wolf has cut red tape and streamlined services for small businesses.

Investing in Job Creators

Governor Wolf’s investment in the creation of a Shell Cracker Plant in Western Pennsylvania, the Port of Philadelphia, and a steel plant in Johnstown will create over 15,000 jobs.